Independent praises “profit generating” EDT autotransmission machine

Graham Lange of Horton Cars gives machine five out of five rating

Independent praises “profit generating” EDT autotransmission machine
For graham, it’s EDT’s pay-as-you-go concept that makes it an attractive proposition for independents because it eliminates financial risk.

Multi-EDT Automotive says that its multi-award winning range of decontamination machines present garages with a profitable revenue stream, whilst also offering significant long-term vehicle health benefits.

Graham Lange, proprietor of Horton Cars in Buckinghamshire, an independent Volvo specialist, put EDT’s automatic transmission machine through its paces and was astonished by the results.

“The obvious issue with automatic gearboxes is that it’s very difficult to get all of the fluid out of the gearbox when you do an oil change,” said Graham.

“Using the EDT machine you can remove all of the oil from the gearbox, cleaning out every last little bit in there.

“That’s simply not possible by draining the oil and replacing it, even if you flush it two or three times you won’t get the same result that you do with the EDT machine.”

Eliminating financial risk

Building on the same principle as the EDT Engine Cleaner, the auto transmission machine removes accumulated contaminants that build up over time.

The machine automatically undertakes auto transmission fluid exchanges, removing old fluid, flushing the auto box through with a bespoke cleaner and conditioner and then replenishing it with new fluid.

After just one treatment auto gear changes are far smoother, power delivery is improved and there are significant fuel-saving benefits.

Graham continued: “The EDT machine comes with a set of adaptors to suit almost every gearbox on the market.

“The machine is then connected to the car and becomes part of the gearbox circuit.

“It will tell you to start the engine, and you go through the gears so that you’re getting all the oil through the valve body and the torque converter, that way, the oil is flowing throughout the gearbox and being cleaned and removed.”

Graham also believes that EDT’s ‘pay as you go’ proposition is particularly attractive to independents, as it eliminates financial risk.

“Profit generator”

“You rent the machine by each treatment that you do, so rather than forking out for three or four thousand pounds’ worth of machinery, you just pay for it when you use it.

“It’s very much a profit generator, I’d give it five out of five – it’s a fantastic machine.

“I’d recommend it to any garage.”

David Holmes, managing director at EDT Automotive, is delighted with Horton Cars’ positive experience: “We’re so pleased that Graham and the team are enjoying such success with the auto transmission machine.

“We get the same feedback time and time again, with garages reaping the benefits of the equipment straight away.

“Our TrustPilot score, currently 9.8 out of 10, reflects just how happy our garage partners and their customers are to work with us.”

For further information about EDT Automotive call 01233 712341 or click “more details” below.

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