EEC diesel 6-in-1 solution gets high praise

Solution cleans entire fuel and emissions system to assist with DPF regeneration

EEC diesel 6-in-1 solution gets high praise

European Exhaust and Catalyst (EEC) has reported on more positive feedback – this time from an end user.

The diesel 6-in-1, helps DPFs to regenerate by reducing the natural combustion temperature required to burn off the trapped particulate matter by up to 150ºC.

2009 Suzuki Grand Vitara owner, Bryn Dowset said: “I was having a lot of trouble.

“After ten minutes of running, especially with the caravan in tow, it would start to run badly.

“I’d have to pull in to a layby, leave it for ten minutes and start again.

“This went on for weeks.”

Having discovered EEC’s 6-in-1 solution Bryn decided to give it a shot with “unbelievable” results.

He said: “It was like driving a new car, it’s awesome.

“Everything picked up, my speed, fuel consumption and none of that awful running even with the caravan in tow and only after one day.

“Now I use it regularly and have had no trouble at all.

“I couldn’t recommend 6-in-1 highly enough.”

For more information about the EEC 6-in-1 solution call 023 9224 5300, email [email protected] or click ‘more details’ below.

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