Saab owner revives cherished convertible with EEC DPF replacement

Clogged filter was the culprit of performance woes

Saab owner revives cherished convertible with EEC DPF replacement

Rick Hough, a Saab enthusiast, recently experienced a remarkable turnaround with his 2007 Saab 9-3 Tid (150) convertible thanks to a new EEC Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). After extensive repairs due to previous improper servicing, the car’s DPF became clogged with ash, hindering performance and regeneration.

“The car is transformed,” Rick reports. He replaced the turbo, EGR valve, glow plugs, and MAP sensor, cleaned the MAF and inlet manifold, and installed a new thermostat and temperature sender, but problems persisted. A specialist confirmed that a full DPF was needed due to limited regeneration.

“We decided to go for an EEC DPF because the company has its own coatings factory,” Rick explains. “The Saab guys warned us off cheap aftermarket units. The EEC DPF was only slightly more expensive than imported versions, but offered better quality and peace of mind.”

The EEC DPF fitted perfectly and aligned seamlessly. After installation, initial DPF saturation readings were high, but a short test drive triggered regeneration. Following a longer run, the saturation level dropped significantly to 18%.

“The car runs and drives better than it ever has,” Rick said. “We’ve replaced fuel, air, and oil filters, and switched to the correct Dexos 2 low SAPS oil for DPF vehicles. EEC will definitely be my go-to for future CAT and DPF needs.”

This testimonial goes to show the transformative power of EEC’s aftermarket DPFs.

By prioritising quality materials and in-house manufacturing, EEC ensures reliable performance and efficient DPF operation, extending the life of your vehicle and safeguarding the environment.

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