Cost of emissions analyser upgrade may result in loss of earnings

Euro Car Parts urge MOT stations to put cost of upgrade towards discount for brand new emissions analyser

Cost of emissions analyser upgrade may result in loss of earnings
Euro Car Parts say the combined costs of an emissions analyser upgrade can quickly add up.

From 20 May 2018, a new, more precise testing standard comes into effect for diesel vehicles manufactured after 2014.

Ahead of this, MOT stations need to ensure they can test vehicle emissions to the new Euro 6 standard, and that they have access to the new 19th edition gas analyser vehicle database.

While many MOT stations rush to update their existing emission analysers, Bill Stimson, technical sales director at Euro Car Parts, is advocating a more cost-effective, long-term investment.

The introduction of new diesel smoke limits set by the Euro 6 legislation and MOT gas data update is prompting many MOT stations to invest in their existing emissions analysers.

Upgrade costs

If your current emissions analyser is older than the warranty period, you may be about to invest hundreds with no assurance that your analyser will not cost you more money in repairs and downtime later with loss of earnings.

A more effective and reliable long-term investment would be to use the cost of an upgrade as a discount towards a brand-new emissions analyser.

Not only would this meet Euro 6 legislation, but it would also come complete with the 2018 vehicle database.

And if the new machine is purchased from Euro Car Parts, it also comes with a new warranty.

With the largest range in the country, Euro Car Parts is currently offering a five-year peace of mind package on emissions analysers from Premier Diagnostics, Crypton, Bosch, Tecalemit, John Bean and Hofmann Megaplan.

Selecting right product

When it comes to choosing the right emissions analyser, the choice is between a combi-emissions analyser to cover both petrol and diesel vehicles, or a single fuel analyser.

Ahead of any emissions analyser upgrade, the biggest consideration should be the cost of downtime.

The average lifespan of these machines is between five to seven years.

Any machine above this age, even if upgraded, still carries the risk of failure.

Every second lost when an MOT bay is out of action is costly.

The price of an upgrade may be a quick and affordable short-term solution, but a new machine with an optional three or five year Euro Car Parts peace of mind package will deliver years’ of uninterrupted work and is usually a more cost-effective investment.

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