Euro Car Parts examines the intricacies of ECU repairs

Engine control unit repairs present a significant revenue stream for independent repairers, national factor says

Euro Car Parts examines the intricacies of ECU repairs
Euro Car Parts helps independents take control of ECU repairs.

Although having a lifespan of eight to ten years, ECUs often need to be repaired much sooner due to where they are located within the car.

Damage can be caused via heat, water or dirt, with water ingress a leading cause of ECU failure, and, if not addressed quickly enough, such damage can cause the system to break down completely.

The ability to repair ECUs effectively is a crucial capability for repairers to have in-house, but such repairs are not easy and few repairers have their own in-house provision.

Instead, many independent repairers have no choice but to replace the system outright, or pass the work over to dealers: an expensive solution for both repairers and the end customer, especially when the system is still repairable.

What’s more, due to repair costs, and the significant profit that can be made from installing a new ECU, the majority of franchised dealers opt to replace, rather than repair, which is not the best result for the customer.

ECU repair service for workshops

Recognising that a valuable revenue stream is being missed, Euro Car Parts provides a complete ECU repair service for independent repairers, enabling technicians to maximise revenue opportunities.

As part of this service, repairers remove the ECU from the vehicle and deliver it to their nearest Euro Car Parts branch.

From here, one of Euro Car Parts’ technical experts analyses the system, determining whether or not the system is repairable.

If so, it goes to the test bench for repairs, giving technicians a one-stop-shop for ECU maintenance, and also preventing the ECU from needing to be recoded.

Lucrative revenue stream

A spokesperson for Euro Car Parts said: “ECU repair is a lucrative revenue stream that is currently untapped by too many repairers: cost should be a key driver in how repairers position themselves against dealers.

“The cost of a new ECU from a dealer can be anywhere upwards of £1,200, while the price of repair via an independent is as little as a third of the cost, so it’s important these benefits are being effectively communicated to potential customers.

“Euro Car Parts provides a complete ECU repair service for independents, meaning they can offer end-customers a comprehensive ECU service and repair.”

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