FiberFix brand now available at Euro Car Parts branches

Distributor adds US-based FiberFix brand to consumables portfolio now available at over 300 branches nationwide

FiberFix brand now available at Euro Car Parts branches
Fiberfix is ten times stronger than duct tape.

A range of professional repair products, claiming to be ten times stronger than duct tape, is now available to repairers and bodyshops through Euro Car Parts.

The FiberFix Repair Wrap Pro combines industrial-strength fibres and special resins into a wrap capable of bonding to almost any material, before hardening like steel to provide a permanent fix.

The product is ideally suited to automotive repairs, particularly when repairing small holes in exhaust pipes and other high temperature tubes.

Euro Car Parts is also stocking the FiberFix Flex Patch, an adhesive fibre reinforced repair solution used for repairs that cannot be wrapped.

The FiberFix range is the latest brand to expand Euro Car Parts’ consumables offering, which has also been boosted by the XCP Professional portfolio of maintenance, lubrication and rust protection sprays.

Unique to the range is the XCP Professional Green spray, a product made with more than 99.9 per cent bio-based, renewable, and sustainable ingredients.

Helen Robinson, marketing director at Euro Car Parts, said: “We are committed to offering the widest range of professional consumable products to repairers throughout the UK, which is why we continue to form exciting new partnerships with leading brands such as FiberFix and XCP.

“We are looking forward to adding further products from these manufacturers to our range moving forward.”

For more information about Euro Car Parts’ Intelligent Repair Programme, select ‘more details’ below.

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