GW readers challenged to solve these problematic wipers on a MK5 Golf

Euro Academy's tech helpline challenges GW readers to solve an issue with the windscreen wipers on a MK5 Golf

GW readers challenged to solve these problematic wipers on a MK5 Golf
Euro Academy’s technical helpline challenges you to solve a problem with the windscreen wipers on a Mk 5 VW Golf.

In the first of a series of technical teasers, Euro Academy’s technical helpline is challenging GW readers to solve this problem job.

Presenting the challenger, a spokesperson for Euro Academy’s technical helpline said: “We recently had an enquiry regarding a Mk5 Volkswagen Golf where the windscreen wipers only worked while driving.

“The motor and switch had been changed before the repairer contacted the Euro Academy helpline.

“When contacting the helpline, the Master Technician consulted the OE diagram.

“What was the solution to the problem?”

The answer will be published on GW later this month.

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