MOT stations facing emissions analyser upgrade delays

Euro Car Parts provides reassurance as manufacturer backlog and widespread confusion remains

MOT stations facing emissions analyser upgrade delays

MOT stations are facing a long delays to upgrade their emissions analysers, despite the DVSA’s deadline having passed more than a month ago, Euro Car Parts reports.

When the DVSA set the deadline of 20th May 2018 for all MOT stations to upgrade their emissions analysers to meet the new EURO 6 emissions standard, Euro Car Parts say it created panic among manufacturers.

Helen Robinson, marketing director at Euro Car Parts, said: “Six weeks ahead of deadline, the DVSA was informed that production schedules throughout Europe were at capacity, with manufacturers struggling to fulfil demand.

“This has left many MOT stations still waiting to receive their upgrade months later, despite having placed an order ahead of the cut-off date.

“In response, a workaround was agreed which means MOT stations can carry out tests with existing analyser equipment as long as they can prove that they placed an order for a replacement or upgrade ahead of 20th May 2018.

Production demand

“This new stipulation is in place until the end of September, granting manufacturers extra time to meet production demand.

“However, while manufacturers can breathe a sigh of relief, many MOT stations are still being left with difficult decisions to make.

“Emissions analysers must be calibrated every six months to remain compliant and for some, calibration is due between now and the end of September.

“With testing stations facing a lengthy wait for new equipment and uncertainty over when an upgrade will be available, the cost of calibration could end up an unnecessary expense.”

Euro Car Parts is working closely with leading manufacturers including Bosch, Premier Diagnostics, Crypton, Tecalemit, Bradbury, Hoffman, Megaplan, and John Bean, to ensure that MOT stations have clarity over when they will receive an equipment upgrade.

“One of the busiest six months we can remember”

Helen Robinson added: “For those testers which are due a calibration before September but have an upgrade on order, we can find an alternative solution, which can be delivered more quickly ahead of scheduled calibration dates.

“The introduction of new diesel smoke limits set by the Euro 6 legislation and the MOT gas data update had ramifications for every repairer across the continent so it’s no surprise that demand has so far, outpaced production.

“At Euro Car Parts, we have had one of the busiest six months we can remember with demand for emissions analysers at an all-time high.

“However, with a large pool of manufacturers to access equipment from, we are fulfilling orders from repairers across the UK.

“If you’ve been left without a new machine and confusion over when it may arrive, we can help to provide some answers.”

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