Offer cabin filter replacements all year round, urges Euro Car Parts

Failure to change cabin filters regularly will prevent bacteria and pollutants from being filtered effectively

Offer cabin filter replacements all year round, urges Euro Car Parts
By educating customers about the health and efficiency benefits of having cabin filters replaced all year round, Euro Car Parts say repairers can take advantage of upselling opportunities.

Independent repairers are being advised by Euro Car Parts to promote cabin filter replacements throughout the year, as replacements completed during summer months will ensure customers are prepared for the harsh conditions of winter.

Cabin filters come in two different forms; standard pollen filters which remove pollen and some pollutants, and activated carbon filters, which perform the same job, but also adsorb exhaust fumes and odours prior to entering the passenger area of a vehicle.

It also impacts the flow of fresh air, causing motorists problems when windows become misted, leading to unpleasant driving smells.

Perhaps more seriously, micro-organisms accumulating inside the cabin multiply to concentrations of between five to eight times higher than normal, potentially causing motorists health problems including headaches, nausea, asthma and allergic reactions.

Helen Robinson, marketing director at Euro Car Parts, said: “In our experience talking to repairers, many offer their customers replacement oil, air, and fuel filters, but often the cabin filter is overlooked.

“By making this part of any summer service, repairers have an opportunity to prepare customers for winter months, as well as driving additional profit opportunities through replacements all year round.”

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