UAN value UK aftermarket at £2.5bn

UAN value UK aftermarket at £2.5bn

United Aftermarket Network (UAN) have researched the automotive aftermarket distributor turnover in the UK, estimating the total value at £2.5 billion per year.

The research shows that three companies including ECP and GSF Car Parts, collectively share over 27% of the total market. In terms of buying groups, three companies including UAN account for over 40% of the total market.

Commenting on the research UAN’s Andrew Dickinson said: “Whilst the value of the Independent UK aftermarket remains valued at £2.5 billion, the changes in recent weeks mean that The Parts Alliance market share and that of GROUPAUTO are each now around 18% with ECP around 16%. The only other player in double figures is UAN whose share looks to be close to 11%.”

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