Febi reports on Macpherson strut offering

Brand supplies over 280 individual strut top mounts with over 50,000 applications

Febi reports on Macpherson strut offering
The Macpherson strut mount.

The Macpherson strut is made up of several components to form a compact suspension unit, making it a very popular choice for vehicle manufacturers due to its simplicity and low manufacturing cost.

The top mounting is a bonded rubber bush, which is mounted to the top of the damper and fixed to the vehicle’s chassis – an integral part of the suspension strut assembly.

Strut mountings can also incorporate a bearing or a bearing plate that allows the strut to turn with the steered wheels.

The strut mounting acts as a coupling to the spring and shock absorber, connecting it to the body.

Damping force is absorbed separately within the mounting, which in turn insulates the vehicle’s body from suspension and road noise.

Common problems

During the life of this suspension unit, the damper and spring expand and contract millions of times, enduring the stress of the road surfaces that the.

This includes damaged road surfaces, such as potholes, which bring extra stress to the unit.

The strut top mounting bearing often falls apart or seizes through wear, resulting in a creaking or grinding noise from the suspension.

This can lead to the bearing tearing the rubber apart in the mounting.

The rubber itself can also deteriorate with age, leading to reduced driving comfort due to noise development.

This results in tight steering or excess play, unstable handling, and reduced driving and braking safety.

It is important to replace the strut top mounting at the first sign of wear with a quality alternative.

A Febi spokesperson said: “The strength of a Febi strut top mounting comes from the properties of the elastomeric material used and metal reinforcement within it.

“This provides the flexibility and stiffness that is required.

“Febi strut top mountings are made from OE grade rubber and follow the precise specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, ensuring optimum performance.”

Febi also supply over 60 different strut top mount ProKits and over 190 strut top mount kits with thousands of applications, providing all the necessary fitting materials including bearings, to make repairs quick and easy.

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