First Line goes social

In its quest to increase market communication First Line has added four new media channels to run alongside its website and monthly eNewsletter. First Line is now active on Twitter (@FirstLineUK) Facebook and LinkedIn .

In addition to these avenues, First Line now also has a page on YouTube where it is hosting its technical videos in order to help those actually fitting its high quality parts to ensure they do the very best job.

Commenting on these exciting developments, marketing manager Jamie Hall said: “With the massive growth in social media activity across all sectors of industry it was always a question of when, rather than if, First Line would join the revolution.

“These mediums bring a new dimension to our communication efforts and as well as allowing us to inform our customers of the latest developments from within the company, it also allows us to share information and convey ideas on a completely different level.”

For more information visit: – or follow @FirstLineUK for all the latest new first !


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