Borg & Beck highlight importance of cabin filter replacement

Workshop poster available to GW readers to help inform motorists about cabin filter replacements

Borg & Beck highlight importance of cabin filter replacement

Replacing cabin filters when a vehicle is in for a service is usually part of the service schedule but, according to Borg & Beck, it is quite often overlooked as many vehicle owners don’t know they exist or what they are for and therefore are not willing to pay for it to be replaced.

Jon Roughley, global marketing director for First Line Ltd, said: “With a few key questions, for example: ‘Do you find that the windows are misting up, especially in the mornings? Are there unpleasant odours in the vehicle? Do you or any of your passengers suffer with allergies or asthma?’ the condition of the filter can be determined.

“Ultimately, if it hasn’t been replaced in the last 12 months, then it is recommended to carry out this important component change to protect the health and well-being of everyone on board.”

The cabin filter was introduced to filter out dust and pollen from the air entering the vehicle.

With about 100,000 litres of air blowing into the cabin every hour of driving, without a functioning filter in place, the concentration of pollutants would be up to six times greater inside the vehicle, compared to standing by the roadside.

Carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and un-burnt hydrocarbons are gases, which are generally invisible.

Particulate matter is also usually invisible, although under certain operating conditions, diesel engines will produce visible particles, appearing as smoke.

Petrol engines will also produce visible particles if they are burning engine oil or running “rich” following a cold start, for example.

Fine particles can also be produced by tyre and brake wear, so imagine all this contaminated air getting drawn into the vehicle as it is driven.

Without a fully functioning cabin filter, Borg & Beck say these can be seriously damaging to health.

According to a VCA-Cars & Air Pollution article, 29,000 deaths a year in the UK are attributable to fine particulate pollution.

Cabin filter poster

To aid workshops reach customers with this valuable message, First Line Ltd, under its globally recognised Borg & Beck brand, has produced a useful poster that can be displayed in the workshop’s reception area to inform motorists of the risks, should they ignore the advice to regularly replace the cabin filter.

It takes motorists through a three-step process entitled check, replace and advise.

To promote best practice in the workshop, simply get in touch with the First Line team at [email protected] and request a copy.

The complete Borg & Beck Filters range offers over 1,000 references providing comprehensive coverage for the entire vehicle parc, across oil, air, fuel and cabin filters for cars and light commercial vehicles.

For more information about First Line Ltd call 01869 248484 or select ‘more details’ below.

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