First Line steering and suspension: components you can trust

Why First Line is a preferred choice for steering and suspension parts

First Line steering and suspension: components you can trust

First Line’s steering and suspension was introduced in 1992 with 1000 references and has today grown to over 8,500 references and continues to offer one of the most extensive and relevant premium quality ranges available in the aftermarket.

It’s not just the depth of range that makes First Line a preferred choice, there are many key benefits that factors and their workshop customers can rely on when they use First Line steering and suspension components.

One of the most important is that technicians can be sure when they are installing the part, they will have the required nuts, bolts or accessories needed for a smooth and efficient installation.

Includes fittings

As a reminder of this key feature, all ball joints, link bars, and suspension arms, that as standard come with the necessary fitting components, will now bear the new ‘includes fittings’ logo on the packaging.

Plus, this logo will also be found, as a watermark image, when looking up First Line steering and suspension references in online cataloguing systems, such as MAM AutoCat as well as their own WebCat, so you can have complete confidence that the part you are buying will have everything needed to complete the job.

First Line is committed to matching the OE specification, so when vehicle manufacturers use new technologies, such as hydraulic bushes and hybrid link bars, you can rest assured that the First Line component will follow suit.

Hybrid link bars

Examples to look out for include the hybrid link bars fitted on later models of the BMW 1 and 3 series, MINI, Audi A3 and VW Golf.

These are manufactured from a combination of high strength steel and carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, designed for being much lighter than the conventional type.

In response to customer demand, First Line has also developed a range of over 60 heavy duty (HD) stabiliser link bars, where the specification of the original item has been enhanced for certain harder working vehicles, to offer greater longevity of service life and product performance.

A crucial factor for any parts supplier is the accuracy of its cataloguing.


To further aid the efficient identification of its steering and suspension components, First Line has added positioning layout images to their market leading WebCat, which has been proven to significantly reduce the look-up time.

First Line works tirelessly with their manufacturing partners to ensure that the specification and quality standards needed for a market leading range is consistently met and for added peace of mind, all products are backed-up with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty against manufacturing defects.

For more information call 01869 248484 or click ‘more details’ below.

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