Forte launch Summer Check promotion

Forte launch Summer Check promotion

Forté has launched a Summer Check promotion for its workshop customers to offer motorists a comprehensive vehicle inspection.

With the holidays fast approaching, the Summer Check is designed to ensure garages can offer drivers peace of mind before the annual getaway. Towing a caravan, or carrying passengers with a boot full of luggage, demands that a car is in the best possible condition to provide safe, reliable and comfortable summer motoring.

The 21-point Summer Check provides an assessment of a vehicle’s condition, covering essential areas including the condition and level of the coolant and engine oil, as well as the brakes, tyres, wiper blades, windscreen and lights.  Forté is also recommending that motorists have their air conditioning systems checked too.  Harmful bacteria and mould may have built up in the ducts of systems that have been switched off during the cooler months, posing a health risk to drivers and passengers as they switch them back on.

“The Summer Check promotion gives motorists the confidence that their car is ready for the demands of Summer driving by getting it expertly checked at their local workshop,” said Dave Norton, Forté’s Technical Manager. “We all look forward to getting away for a well-deserved break, but finding a problem with the car on the morning of your holiday can ruin the getaway.”

Forté customers taking part in the promotion are supported by a free point of sale poster and check pads to provide customers with details of the items inspected on their car in the Summer Check.

To find out more about Forté engine treatments and service programmes please visit the website using the ‘More Details’ button below or call the Technical Helpline on 024 7642 1131.

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