Forte launch new Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush

Forte launch new Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush

Leading engine treatment manufacturer Forté has just launched Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush.

The new product removes oil, sludge, scale and rust deposits from the internal surfaces of automotive cooling systems and restores heat transfer efficiency.  This in turn enables the engine to run at its intended operating temperature, reducing the potential for heat-related problems and engine failure.

The two-in-one product features a blend of inorganic acids and inhibitors combined with a heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser, free from petroleum or chlorinated solvents, to provide workshops with a fast and effective method of restoring optimum performance to a vehicle’s cooling system.

The new treatment is suitable for use with all cooling system components, cooling fluids and antifreezes, including ethylene glycol and organic acid (OAT) based coolants; Forté recommends that vehicles are treated with Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush at the recommended coolant change interval. 

To find out more about Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush, as well as Forté’s engine treatments and service programmes, please visit the website using the ‘More Details’ button below.

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