Forté Tips:  Which oil treatment is right for the job?

Forté discuss the differences between oil additive in their latest technical tip

Forté Tips:  Which oil treatment is right for the job?

What is an oil additive and how are they different?

Oil additives are chemical treatments commonly used in automotive, industrial and machinery oils. They are added to engines to enhance the oil’s properties, improve performance and provide additional benefits.

Forté explores the differences between oil additives, explaining how each additive is individually formulated to deliver unique results.

In this tip, you will discover how three Forté oil treatments differ in their chemical composition and learn the best scenarios for their use to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Oil System Protector is designed for continuous protection, maintaining oil stability during extended service intervals and preventing oil burning.

Top End Treatment targets the upper part of the engine, addressing specific issues such as valve noise and sticking valves.

Oil Fortifier is ideal for high protection to engines operating under high load and for older

engines showing signs of wear, reducing oil consumption and exhaust smoking.

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