New Forte Clear Grease keeps moving parts lubricated

New Forte Clear Grease keeps moving parts lubricated

Forté has just added Clear Grease to its range of lubricants for workshop professionals.

The new grease is designed to adhere to and lubricate moving contact parts such as locks, hinges and catches, as well as threaded components and flanges.  Forté Clear Grease is also ideal for lubricating bearings, gears and cogs, in addition to throttle and clutch linkages and Bowden cables.

Forté Clear Grease has performance benefits including a high fling resistance, remaining in place where conventional greases are unlikely to do so.  It also offers good resistance  to oxidisation, steam, solvents, water, detergents and many other automotive chemicals.

To find out more about new Forté Clear Grease, as well as the leading lubricant manufacturer’s engine treatments and workshop service programmes, simply visit the website using the ‘More Details’ button below.

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