Excellent customer service key for independent garages, expert suggests

Free guidance outlines steps to boost customer experience

Excellent customer service key for independent garages, expert suggests
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Automotive consultancy, Fourmative has released customer service guidance for independent garages.

Entitled “12 ways to prepare for your customer”, the document helps garage owners understand how to add value to everyday customer interactions.

A Fourmative spokesperson said: “Many customers looking for service, MOT or repair are now opting out of the traditional contact methods of telephone and personal visit and choosing to book online and interact with a self-check in terminal when they arrive.

“You only need to visit a McDonald’s restaurant to see just how many customers prefer to order via a self-select terminal rather than speak to a human.

“We are seeing this technology enter the vehicle repair space now with customers being offered the choice to book online and many franchised dealers are now encouraging the customer to self-check in and avoid customer contact all together.

“Perhaps it is me but, I prefer to queue and speak to a human when I order my happy meal and engage with someone when I visit my Garage.

“This is where your opportunity to add value exists – you must ensure that you provide a great service, one that the customer values and so chooses to return and visit again.

“The customer should feel valued, and you should make sure that you provide that important great service that the customer recognises and enjoys.”

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