Fourmative makes MOT quality control check sheet available for GW readers

Documenting quality control continues to be a challenge for many workshops, says specialist

Fourmative makes MOT quality control check sheet available for GW readers
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Automotive consultancy, Fourmative is offering GW readers a free MOT QC check sheet and QC test log.

The documents set out a framework for quality control checks, which are a DVSA requirement and the documents

A Fourmative spokesperson said: “As recognised MOT AEC’s the Fourmative team are always seeking best practice and better ways of working.

“The requirement to perform quality control checks has always been a function of a professional VTS, but documenting the QC’s continues to be a challenge, based on the principle that I can only measure what is I see.

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“We check the Quality Control process as one part of our AEC visit routine to ensure compliance, however it ranks very highly in the DVSA priority list, fail to do your QC’s and you should expect disciplinary process to follow.

“Use the Fourmative QC check sheet in conjunction with the QC test log and know that you are compliant and performing the task well, indeed better still, map the QC with your TQI data to seek continuous improvement across all testers.”

For a free copy of the QC check sheet and QC test log email your full name, address and VTS number to [email protected].

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