How to get a garage website built and not pay a penny until it’s bringing in business

‘Try before you buy’ bespoke garage website build available in three-month trial for limited time only

How to get a garage website built and not pay a penny until it’s bringing in business

Garage Services Online has announced an exclusive, industry-first ‘try before you buy‘ offer for Garage Wire readers, giving them the opportunity to get a website built, and not pay a penny until they know it’s actually bringing in business.

The deal is the brainchild of Jim Lang, owner of Garage Services Online, the website creator for independent garages.

For a limited period only, Garage Services Online is offering to build 25 independent garage businesses, a bespoke website with no upfront costs.

With no financial outlay for the first three months – and a promise that if you’re not convinced it’s working by month four, you simply hand it back – it’s an innovative and risk-free way for garages to experience the difference a top performing website can make to their bottom line. And without it costing them a penny to do so.

The deal will only be available to Garage Wire readers; the first 25 to sign up with Garage Services Online, on a first come first served basis.

Claim it here: ‘Try before you buy’ bespoke garage website available in three-month trial

Jim explains more: “We’ve been creating websites for independent garages for more than 10 years and see first-hand the difference they can make to a business’ growth, profitability and in attracting the work that it really wants.

“No garage owner wants to work flat out, six days a week doing the least profitable repair and service work.

“The hundreds of garages we’ve built and manage websites for have never looked back.

“Their sites bring in way more work each month than the site actually costs them.

“But we’re also aware that garage owners are incredibly busy and feel that either through time or cost constraints, a website is simply out of their reach.

“At Garage Services Online, we want to give 25 garages that opportunity to grow; risk and cost-free for three months.

“As a business, we’ve always put our money where our mouth is so if we can help to give them a step up, then we’re more than happy to do so.”

For full details and to claim your three-month trial, select ‘more details’ below.

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