Gates adds new accessory belt kits to Micro-V range

Extended range increases number of car applications covered

Gates adds new accessory belt kits to Micro-V range
Gates' Micro-V kit.

Plans by Gates to extend the Micro-V Kits range means that professional installers will soon have access to even more complete accessory belt kit solutions.

A further 21 references will be added to the Gates online catalogue before the end of June.

The new references will be among the first to be delivered in new packaging, which as well as giving the range a fresh look will help make product identification on the shelf a little easier.

The role of the accessory belt drive has risen in recent years: as well as making vital contributions towards ride comfort, accessory belt drives are increasingly critical to vehicle safety.

Preventive maintenance – the installation of a kit rather than just the belt – could help avoid component failure, which could lead to a sudden loss of power steering at a crucial moment, for example.

Moves by more OE vehicle manufacturers to offer ’kit solutions’ are increasing awareness about the ‘best practice’ of changing all drive system components together, although UK garages have been slower than those in many other European countries to adopt these practices.

In addition to helping to prevent premature drive system failure, Gates Micro-V Kits save time and reduce the number of decisions that installers have to make.

Each kit contains the specific multi-ribbed belt for the application plus all of the matching metal parts required to upgrade the drive system.

Overall costs of repair jobs remain sensitive to car owners, but many consider one visit to a garage that can deliver a complete system overhaul will keep the vehicle on the road for longer without problems.

Businesses operating fleets of commercial vehicles, vans or cars understand the savings in terms of downtime and see the kit solution as ideal for this sector of the market.

This extension of the Micro-V Kits range takes the total number of references in the Gates accessory belt kit range to 1342 and current TECDOC data makes Gates the top choice for the brand with the highest car parts coverage.

Gates says the range will continue to grow and that more new references are planned before the end of the year.

To find out more about the Gates range, click the ‘more details’ link.

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