Gates announces new technical webinar series

Training content features common installation errors and problem-solving tips

Gates announces new technical webinar series

Gates has announced a new series of technical support webinars for automotive installers in the UK.

A ‘coolant’ webinar will be hosted on 27 November at 10.30am, followed by ‘accessory drive solutions’ on 18 December at 10.30am.

These follow an earlier ‘timing drive solutions’ webinar on 30 October which focused on synchronous belt drive systems including PowerGrip belt construction, the tensioners and pulleys, plus the typical causes of premature drive system failure.

Each 45 minute webinar session enables technical experts from Gates to focus on specific automotive topics and resolve common issues for professional installers from the UK live, online.

At the end of each presentation, there are opportunities to provide answers to specific questions raised by participants who have signed-up for the event.

Technicians can sign-up for individual webinars, or for the complete series.

They can also take the opportunity to sign-up to the popular Gates Tech Tip service, in order to receive free e-mails about the latest solutions to emerging issues as they are resolved.

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