Gates highlights hose sales opportunities as turbocharged car sales soar

Garage owners encouraged to 'be ready' to fit OE-quality solution for customers

Gates highlights hose sales opportunities as turbocharged car sales soar

Gates says the rapid increase in the number of new cars fitted with turbochargers offers opportunities for garages to fit more replacement hoses.

The latest consolidated figures from TecAlliance show that more than 70% of new car registrations across the EU last year were equipped with a turbocharger and around 45% of all engines in cars on the road operate with a turbocharger.

There is an associated growth in the market to replace various hoses on these turbocharged engines.

Opportunities will knock on the doors of those suppliers who are able to deliver OE-quality products that are durable, easy to fit and constructed from materials that meet the highest manufacturing standards.

Gates manufactures hoses that will deliver the opportunities, satisfy existing demand and provide the peace of mind that garage customers want.

Tough new emissions standards for cars built up to 2015 were introduced by Regulation (EC) 443/2009.

From 1 January 2020, Regulation (EU) 2019/63 applied even more stringent laws on new cars and vans made from 2025 and 2030.

The OE manufacturers responded to these challenges by introducing new generations of turbocharged compact engines and were able to generate greater amounts of power from much smaller units.

Today’s 1.6L and 1.2L engines commonly deliver the equivalent power of much older 2.OL and 1.8L engines.

Although turbocharger technology has been a key factor in achieving the overall reduction of CO2 emissions, there is little doubt that hoses fitted on the assembly lines fail and require replacement more frequently.

The lower RPMS that turbochargers need, combined with the extremely high temperatures that their functions produce, create very hostile environments inside engine compartments.

OE manufacturers have developed more resilient hoses, using a range of different materials such as plastics and silicone.

Despite greater resilience, the fact remains that OE hoses on turbocharged engines fail earlier and need to be replaced much more frequently than OE hoses fitted to earlier engines that are naturally aspirated.

Darren Spooner, UK Regional Sales Manager for Gates adds: “Gates hoses are engineers to be as durable and as resilient as the OE products they are designed to replace.

“We use advancements in materials science to ensure our solutions match OE quality standards and match the specifications required.”

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