Water pump failure: Here’s what to look for

Gates reveals list of seven major causes of water pump failure

Water pump failure: Here’s what to look for

Gates has published a comprehensive step-by-step guide for inspecting and diagnosing water pumps in its GatesTechZone.

A Gates spokesperson said: “We explain how to inspect and diagnose a failed water pump.

“But it is equally important to inspect the belt drive system that is driving the water pump.

“A bad belt and tensioner cause premature bearing and shaft failure and as such drastically reduce pump life.

“Conversely, a leaking water pump inevitably affects the belt and tensioner.

“That is why Gates recommends changing the water pump, belt and other drive components at the same time as good preventive maintenance.”

Gates has revealed a list of the seven major causes of water pump failure.

The list identifies the key signs of wear, highlights possible causes and suggests procedures to avoid future recurrence.

Major causes of water pump failure

  1. Weep Hole Leakage
  2. Leakage from the mounting surface
  3. Rust and corrosion
  4. Deposit build-up on the inside
  5. Cavitation and pockmarks caused by bubbles in the coolant
  6. Damaged bearing
  7. Damaged or broken shaft

A complete detailed list is available on GatesTechZone – click ‘more details’ below to see the guide.

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