GSF pack out Leicester open evening

GSF pack out Leicester open evening

GSF Car Parts were ‘delighted’ by the response to an action-packed Leicester branch open evening last week.

The event, which built on positive reaction to a Wolverhampton branch evening earlier this year, saw around 70 local garages represented. Customers and local garages called along after work in rising numbers to mingle with GSF Car Parts staff, and hear the latest developments from supporting key suppliers, in relaxed surroundings.

With first arrivals shortly after 4pm, most visitors found ample time to visit the stands of MANN-FILTER, Autodata, Banner, TRW and Autologic, where knowledgeable staff answered the stream of questions. LuK found strong interest in their presentation on DSG gearboxes.

The electronic dual-clutch DSG automatics trace origins back to 1980’s Porsche racing technology. Improved fuel economy, compared to conventional automatics, has seen them adopted by many more volume models in recent years. LuK explained maintenance and repair potential, which offers a valuable profit stream for independents, not to mention big customer savings, when compared to replacements or dealer repairs.

DPFs were also to the fore. Cataclean showcased their new cleaner, designed to reduce diesel particle deposits and aid regeneration. Frank Massey developed the topic of DPF regeneration further in his technical seminar; this saw many restricted to standing room only as people stayed on to listen and audience surpassed all expectation.

“We were delighted by the attendance,” said Jonny West, Managing Director of GSF Car Parts. “We’ve had great feedback from both the garages and key suppliers, our thanks go to all who all gave up time after to working hours to make the event a success.”

GSF Car Parts are evaluating options to develop the format further, with an increased open evening calendar expected for 2015.

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