GSF Webcat now with Autodata

GSF Webcat now with Autodata

Webcat, the online parts system for garages from GSF Car Parts, now includes optional Autodata technical information. There’s no software to install, or specialist hardware, as Webcat just needs an internet connection.

Users soon find a quick VRM look-up from within Webcat can deliver the full parts catalogue, repair times and Autodata’s renowned Technical Data, all together, on a single screen. Autodata modules included cover essential areas like diagnostic fault codes, key programming, service schedules, wheel alignment, parts replacement, air conditioning, battery disconnection, component location, tyre pressure monitoring, tightening torques as well as ‘known fixes and bulletins’ plus more besides.

Webcat connects garage users directly to their local GSF Car Parts branch too, enabling real-time price and local availability checks with full online ordering capability. A wide range of vehicle finding options including Engine Code search, VRM look-up or manual selection help garages quickly drill-down into the specific parts they require. The OE and aftermarket part number cross-reference facility is a further time saver.

“Garages using Webcat view exactly the same level of detail, including images, as GSF parts advisors,” said Jonny West, Managing Director. “We often hear GSF branch staff are the best in the business at right first time parts identification so it’s perhaps not surprising that we find Webcat customers, working with their local branch, tend to make much more accurate selections of parts for vehicles where multiple options exist.”

GSF Car Parts offer a range of Webcat packages, some of which include completely free technical information access. To find out more, please contact your local branch which can be found using the ‘More Details’ button below.

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