New Traffic Film Remover from Vetech

New Traffic Film Remover from Vetech

Traffic Film Remover (TFR) is the latest addition to the fast-growing Vetech range, exclusively available from GSF Car Parts.

The Vetech brand offers trade-level quality at competitive prices. In line with this, the new TFR is designed for professional use, delivering excellent cleaning results and exceptional economy for the motor trade.

The highly concentrated TFR degreaser has an optimised cleaning formulation, with a blend of detergents, proven to reliably dissolve and lift traffic film, oil, grease and general dirt. Vetech TFR also includes a rinse aid to improve the final stage of cleaning.

Vetech TFR comes in 25 litre containers and is available now from your local branch of GSF Car Parts or by calling 0121 7498801.

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