Trade turn to Timing Excellence

Trade turn to Timing Excellence

Timing Excellence from GSF Car Parts is an innovative guarantee that offers a comprehensive 2 year 35,000 mile parts and labour warranty on all timing belt kits – even covering incorrect fitting.

The trade-only warranty programme, which is free to independent garages, was designed to address the increased complexity associated with fitting replacement timing belt kits. Using the wrong tools, or changing only the belt, have both been shown to greatly increase the risk of new timing belts failing prematurely. Technicians who’ve seen a repair go wrong won’t need reminding the costs can be punishing – with damaged engines and angry customers all too often the result.

“We already have over 2,000 garages registered to Timing Excellence and have reduced warranty claims significantly,” said Jonny West, Managing Director. “This benefits the whole supply chain from our OE timing belt kit manufacturers, right through to motorist gaining more reliable repairs from their local independent garage.”

GSF Car Parts offer a full range of Original Equipment timing belt kits. A growing number of the kits now also include timing belt driven water pumps; these should also be considered a wear part and replaced during the repair. A full range of service tools is available through GSF’s ‘Garage Essentials’ programme too.

Jonny West added: “The message to think beyond the belt and change complete kits, so that worn or wearing tensioners, idlers and pulleys are also replaced, is starting to get through. This is positive news we aim to encourage with Timing Excellence.

“Garages often think there must be a catch to this – but there isn’t one. Where we pay out on a claim and the garage was at fault, we will provide supplementary training on best practice to stave off future problems as part of GSF’s commitment to help raise standards.”

Garages registered to Timing Excellence simply follow the prescribed warranty process to make a claim before receiving the supplier’s assessment and report. Payment is then made, even where the cause is determined to have been incorrect fitting. Interested garages can register free simply by contacting their local branch of GSF .

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