HELLA cabin filter replacement reminder as A/C bookings rise

Garages urged to recommend cabin filter changes for cleaner air and healthier driving

HELLA cabin filter replacement reminder as A/C bookings rise

With air conditioning servicing on the rise at this time of year, HELLA Hengst is urging workshops to remind customers about the importance of cabin filter replacement. Neglected air conditioning systems can harbour bacteria and mould, posing health risks to drivers and passengers.

“As a garage, you’re not just in the business of fixing cars; you’re also in the business of ensuring your customers drive away safely,” said Ian Mattacola, HELLA Hengst Product and Brand Manager. “Routine tasks like brake safety checks are common, but many workshops simply forget about replacing the cabin filter.”

Cabin filters should be replaced annually, or twice a year for heavily used vehicles. Filters trap dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants, improving air quality and reducing allergy and respiratory problems.

Clogged filters restrict airflow, leading to inconsistent temperature control and increased strain on the HVAC system, potentially causing expensive repairs.

HELLA Hengst offers various cabin filter options, from standard filters for dust and pollen removal to activated carbon filters that eliminate odours and harmful gases. Their premium Blue.care filter additionally neutralises bacteria and allergens through a multi-layered design.

“Garage owners have a responsibility to educate their customers about the importance of this often-neglected filter and to include it as part of their regular service recommendations,” said Ian. “Advising customers on cabin filter replacement demonstrates a commitment to their overall satisfaction and safety.”

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