Hella Gutmann reinvents future of diagnostics

Brand unveils its most advanced diagnostic tool it has ever developed

Hella Gutmann reinvents future of diagnostics

The Hella Gutmann range of mega macs diagnostic tools has a reputation as being among the leading devices in the field, but with the introduction of mega macs X, the pioneering specialist has not just raised the bar, it has changed the landscape.

The mega macs X is a revolutionary product that fundamentally changes the operational method and communication with the vehicle from a diagnostic standpoint, providing a flexible solution that can adapt to whatever size of workshop.

“Reflecting the changing world in which we live, where smartphone and Apps are part of day-to-day life, Hella Gutmann has taken this successful formula and translated it into the world of vehicle diagnostics to produce a fully scalable device, that can provide the highest level of multi-brand capability, able to communicate with a workshop’s existing IT infrastructure,” explains Neil Hilton, head of Hella Gutmann UK.

“The mega macs X provides utmost flexibility with an array of options when it comes to both the hardware and software configurations.

“It allows individual workshops to choose whether they wish to combine their existing desktop browsers or tablets with the mega macs X, or move to a totally mega macs driven platform.

“This variability means that, should the workshop’s requirements change, then it is able to alter the mega macs X setup to match.

“The mega macs X is not only flexible in terms of hardware, thanks to the different software modules that are available, workshops also have a choice when it comes to the scope of the services that can be accessed.

“This ensures that the workshop is always able to gear the service level it requires to the needs of its customers and, if necessary, the software module altered to make sure it always fulfils the workshop’s requirements.

“The mega macs X is also very different in appearance, as it has neither a display nor a keypad.

“At first glance, the wired OBD plug with integrated LED lighting, looks like a modern, neatly designed Bluetooth VCI, which incidentally it is, but this future-orientated and most flexible of solutions is also the most advanced diagnostic tool Hella Gutmann has ever developed.

“It incorporates the processor, diagnostic software and integrated diagnostic protocols, which includes among others, the CAN FD and DoIP for recent vehicle models such as Škoda Octavia, Volvo XC 90 and Golf 8 of Volkswagen, and communicates on a wireless basis.

“The mega macs X approach also allows workshops to control their overheads, as beyond the one-off costs to purchase the mega macs X hardware and relevant SDI X software, the only ongoing costs are for the associated annual licence, which obviously includes any updates and system improvements as they are issued.

“Naturally, as with the other mega macs devices in the Hella Gutmann line-up, the mega macs X is equipped with ADAS calibration software, which is now a must have feature for workshops.

“In addition, however, it also comes with a CSM (Cyber Security Management) function.

“This means that instead of having to register individually with each vehicle manufacturer portal to obtain diagnostic releases for their customer’s vehicles, a one-time authentication, activated by proof of identification by passport or identity card, is all that’s needed for a mega macs user to have a clear path to work on all vehicles with a security lock, at the usual diagnostic depth.

“All these functions and its flexible usability clearly puts the mega macs X at a different level to any other diagnostic tool on the market and sets the trend for the future of vehicle diagnostic management.”

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