Hella Gutmann Solutions highlights kit for rear view camera recalibration

Multi-brand rear cam kit works with HGS camera and sensor calibration and mega macs diagnostic device

Hella Gutmann Solutions highlights kit for rear view camera recalibration
The Hella Gutmann Solutions rear cam kit.

As a growing number of cars now have a rear view camera fitted as standard, more drivers rely on them when reversing, which is why HELLA say recalibration after a service or repair must be accurate.

In Hella Gutmann Solutions, workshops not only have access to the premium quality equipment necessary to carry out recalibration, but also the expertise behind it, due to the company’s dedicated technical staff.

When using the Hella Gutmann Solutions CSC (camera and sensor calibration) tool, for front, rear or side calibration, the vehicle should be parked on even and level ground, with sufficient space around the car and equipment, as well as the camera’s visual field being clear.

Hella Gutmann Solutions rear cam kit I basic, rear cam kit I addition and rear cam kit II side, must be properly aligned to the rear axle when using the CSC tool and a Hella Gutmann Solutions mega macs diagnostic device.

The rear cam kit I basic is a multi-brand solution, as it calibrates several models, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Seat, Skoda, Subaru and VW, with further models to be added on future software updates.

Hella Gutmann Solutions supplies advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) camera and radar calibration, with a multi-brand solution for the aftermarket, covering more than 92 per cent of the ADAS equipped UK car parc and providing the independent workshop with the repair solution to virtually every service-related issue.

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