HELLA launches ‘SmarTech jointless beamblade’ wipers

New range supersedes HELLA's Dynablade range

HELLA launches ‘SmarTech jointless beamblade’ wipers

The demand for quality wiper blades has prompted the launch of the HELLA SmarTech range, the firm has announced.

Superseding the Dynablade range, SmarTech jointless beamblade wipers are a class apart, as they provide a modern, high performance solution to 90 per cent of the popular UK vehicle parc in just 11 part numbers and fit all conventional wiper arms.

HELLA UK’s senior head of marketing and communications, Helen Goldingay said: “The clear blister packaging allows wholesalers to present their customers with a distinctive and contemporary range, while giving workshops what they need for the vast majority of the vehicles they service daily.

“The sometimes tricky job of fitting replacement blades is also tackled with our clever Easychange system, which makes the procedure easy, as each comes with the matching adapter.

“As a result, the whole process takes just four steps: measure them, choose the right code, identify the required connector and attach them – job done.

“To help wholesalers who have previously sold the Dynablade range, as well as providing the part numbers for the respective SmarTech blade, the promotional material also contains the previous Dynablade number.”

For more information about HELLA products and support services, please contact the sales team on 01295 662400 or email [email protected].

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