Watch: Hella Gutmann 360° ADAS calibration demonstrated in new video

Video demonstrates CSC Tool’s ability to recalibrate camera and radar systems across multiple brands

Watch: Hella Gutmann 360° ADAS calibration demonstrated in new video

Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) has released a video demonstrating how quickly the HGS complete solutions required for front, side and rear ADAS calibration can be set up and correctly performed, to ensure the vehicle conforms to manufacturers specification.

Equipment featured includes the original front-facing CSC-Tool, rear cam Kit I, rear cam kit II – side, radar kit III and the mega macs 77 diagnostic tool, which along with every HGS mega macs model, encompasses the necessary calibration software, to showcase the company’s comprehensive range and how the tools link together to allow technicians to perform ADAS calibration across the whole vehicle.

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Head of HGS, Neil Hilton, said: “While this equipment is an investment for workshops, they are required to futureproof their business, as they can create an immediate revenue stream, but more importantly, guarantee that every vehicle leaves their workshop safe to drive in terms of ADAS.

“However, it’s not necessary for workshops to invest in every piece the equipment at the start, we advise getting the basics, creating business from it and then continuing to grow it.

“To ensure we offer workshops a complete solution, we continually expand the range with additional hardware and software upgrades to cover both existing and new systems introduced to the market.

“For instance, we are the only company with the capability to calibrate the new Audi Laser Sensors and most do not have the rear radar ultrasonic/doppler unit to calibrate rear blind spot.

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“The recent Radar EVO addition allows enormous adjustment independent to the cross beam adjustment to cope with any location the manufacturers mount the radar sensors, all others on the market are reliant on the maximum adjustment the cross beam has, which is not enough.

“The Radar EVO is also the base plate for the New Audi Laser panel and allows very accurate positioning of the panel for calibration of the Lidar sensors.”

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