Crown Court judge acquits Klarius directors

Judge referrs to “shambolic failure” and ruled that no Klarius member should stand trial

Crown Court judge acquits Klarius directors

Five current and past directors and managers of Klarius Products Ltd were cleared of any criminal activities as claimed by competitors and investigated by the Department for Transport, at Manchester Crown Court earlier this week.

All were formally acquitted and found ‘not guilty’, without a trial even starting.

Klarius self-reported problems in 2014 and worked with the VCA through to the end of 2015 to rectify production and administrative issues.

The VCA found no intentional misconduct and praised Klarius for its co-operation, openness and unfettered access at all levels.

In his ruling the Judge referred to individuals from two competitor companies who sought to make commercial gain from the situation.

The Department for Transport (DfT) indicated that it could not pursue the case and invited the judge to acquit all five defendants.

Paul Schofield, solicitor acting for Tony Wilson said: “Today’s ruling marks the end of a case we have always maintained was completely misguided, unfair and inappropriate.”

Anthony Barnfather, a leading Manchester lawyer who also instructed in the case, said: “This is one of the most unjust prosecutions I have ever come across.

“After years of being wrongly accused the directors can now get back to business without a stain on their characters.”

Further reactions and personal statements from those involved are expected in the coming days.

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