Klarius Halloween fundraiser combines frights and cupcakes to support KidSafe UK

Spooky haunting in aid of a good cause at Klarius Product’s Cheadle headquarters

Klarius Halloween fundraiser combines frights and cupcakes to support KidSafe UK

Klarius employees have this week dressed up for Halloween in support of KidSafe UK, a proactive charity that delivers specialised protection and safeguarding programmes to children and young people.

Donations from Klarius will go towards supporting the programme in four local schools, allowing young people to learn personal safety in a fun and engaging manner.

Ghouls, werewolves, clowns and skeletons were present from the manufacturing centre to the management offices, with everyone dressing up donating a small sum towards the KidSafe UK fund.

Halloween cupcakes were on sale in the canteen, with all proceeds also going to the charity.

KidSafe UK aims to protect, educate and empower children by encouraging them to take an active role in protecting themselves from all kinds of potential threats.

TThe charity works with youth groups, schools and the emergency services to provide vital education to young people on how to maintain wellbeing.

Four schools in the Cheadle area including St Giles, Cheadle County Primary, St Thomas and Bishop Rawle will benefit.

Mark Brickhill, CEO at Klarius Products said: “We want to give back to the communities in which we live and work.

“KidSafe UK plays an important role in educating and safeguarding children, and the entire Klarius team feels this is a cause worthy of our support.

“Against the traditional grain of horror movies, this is one haunting that will definitely have a happy ending.”

For further information about Klarius, click ‘more details’ below.

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