Watch: Diesel particulate filter training video makes for essential viewing

Klarius training video provides a useful reminder of DPF features and recent developments

Watch: Diesel particulate filter training video makes for essential viewing
A basic 101 containing the latest DPF function, technology and diagnostics information.

Klarius Products has published a new DPF training video for technicians.

The video explains how DPFs are a filter and a replacement item that slowly fills with ash from the burn-off process over time.

It mentions that there are two types of DPF.

The thermal type, favoured by German manufacturers with a typical life expectancy of 100,000 miles to 150,000 miles; and the fuel additive type, often found on French vehicles that can need replacing after about 75,000 miles.

Most replacements are due to blockages caused by the vehicle only being used for short journeys or an engine malfunction.

The training video covers regeneration cycles, temperatures and what advice should be given to motorists.

The video presenter covers a range of failure modes and the corresponding diagnostics, plus an overview of the latest designs.

A Klarius spokesperson said: “OEM emission control technology moves on quickly, so staying up-to-date with current DPFs is easier with this video guide.

“It serves as a foundation knowledge base or simply a refresher, depending on your experience level.”

This is part of an official series from the manufacturer that covers, DPFs, CATs and Exhaust systems.

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