Laser Tools highlights VW Group DSG clutch setting gauge kit

Kit includes setting blocks, feeler gauge, pair of lift-up hooks to test free-play and dial-test indicator

Laser Tools highlights VW Group DSG clutch setting gauge kit

Laser Tools has said workshops can “speed up and simplify” the fitting of DSG clutch kits on first and second generations of VW Group DSG transmissions with its comprehensive setting gauge kit.

DSG transmissions are used in vehicles across the VW Group ranges, specifically Gen 1 DSG 7-speed fitted from 2008 and Gen 2 DSG fitted from June 2011.

The tool kit is equivalent to OEM T10466 and T10374 gauge blocks.

Included are setting blocks, a sliding feeler gauge, a pair of lift-up hooks to test for free-play plus a dial-test indicator (DTi) with accessories.

A Laser Tools spokesperson said: “With the supplied comprehensive instructions, these are used for fitting and setting up the clutch plates and release bearing mechanism.

“The kit is supplied in a sturdy steel case with internal EVA foam tray that keeps the kit secure and clean, and the shallow case design fits neatly into the toolbox drawer.”

Designed and manufactured by Laser Tools in Sheffield and is a UK-registered design.

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