Laser Tools launches axle staked nut air-chisel punch set

Applications include wheel bearings, prop-shaft and drive-flange stake nuts across many makes of vehicle

Laser Tools launches axle staked nut air-chisel punch set

Laser Tools has launched a pair of air-chisel punches specifically designed to easily release and then re-stake crush-type axle nuts found on many vehicles.

The kit includes a removal punch with a curved release tip to disengage the stake (crimp) and thus release the axle nut.

On replacement, the second flat-bladed punch is used to reset the stake squarely and positively.

The punches are 178mm in length with a 10mm shank diameter.

A Laser Tools spokesperson said: “Using the punches with the air-chisel makes this a quick and easy procedure that reduces the chance of causing damage to the axle shaft and threads.”

Designed to save time in the busy workshop and available now from your Laser Tools stockist, typically priced at £44.21 (price includes VAT).

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