Reader review: Laser Tools rapid action ratchets

Five-star rating for innovative dual action ratchets developed for specifically for speed and efficiency

Reader review: Laser Tools rapid action ratchets

Recently developed and launched by Laser Tools, its rapid dual action ratchets have impressed GW reader, Chris Sykes.

Laser Tools claims its new ratchets “redefine speed and effectiveness wherever you would use a conventional ratchet handle”, thanks to a 3/8” inch drive which spins more than 360 degrees with a simple pump of a patented pull-back grip.

Speaking to GW Views, Chris said the new tools would be a welcome addition to any garage workshop.

“Really very good”

“I’ve tried these ratchets on everything from engine work and suspension components, through to interior components and I have to say the quality of the tool is really very good,” explained Chris.

“Not only do they look the part, they’re nice to handle and work with too.”

Two ratchet lengths are available, part number 7376 (350mm) and part number 7377 (230mm).

To use, technicians simply attach a socket or driver and secure onto the fastener that needs to be removed.

Pull-back grip quickly removes loosened fasteners

Fasteners are then loosened off in the conventional way by turning the handle before the innovative pull-back grip quickly removes the loosened fastener with minimal effort.

To change direction, simply push the drive post through, re-attach the driver and start tightening.

“I’ve not come across ratchets like these before and it took some getting used to but once you get to grips with it, it really does work well.

“For the initial loosening, there’s really good leverage and then you simply pump the pull-back grip.”

Key features

  • Push thru’ bi-directional ratchet.
  • Patented pull back rapid dual drive action for fast removal of fasteners in confined spaces.
  • 3/8″D with 48 teeth mechanism.
  • Available in 230mm and 350mm lengths.
  • Matt Chrome finish with chrome molybdenum drive gear, chrome vanadium body and PP + TPR handle.

The 230mm pull-back ratchet is typically priced at £55.96 + VAT from Laser Tools stockists, while the 350mm ratchet is available for around £74.68 + VAT from suppliers.

Concluding his review, Chris said: “I’d definitely recommend these ratchets to technicians and so I’d give them a full five-star rating.

“It’s a professional tool that’s not only impressive to look at but is also capable of getting the job done quickly too.”

For further information about these ratchets, select ‘more details’ below.

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