New Launch UK diagnostic tool X-431 PRO

New Launch UK diagnostic tool X-431 PRO

Launch UK has unveiled it’s ‘next generation’ X-431 PRO diagnostic tools with extensive coverage of American, Asian and European vehicle manufacturers.

As one the first Android based diagnostic tools, X-431 provides improved speed, reliability and ease of use. Available as a 7-inch LCD tablet, the multi-touch tool introduces the latest generation Bluetooth technology into the automotive aftermarket, enabling workshops to carry out a full diagnosis and exchange data through the DBSCar connector and mobile terminal.

Wi-Fi enabled, X-431 PRO also allows users to browse the internet and access and share instant maintenance information. The product has extensive memory and 2GB storage facility.

Other features include photo, video and multimedia functions and the ability to access live data when in operation. Module coding, resets, re-learns and bi-directional capabilities are also possible with X-431 PRO.

The unit is supplied complete in a protective rubber sleeve and supplied with all relevant connectors and adaptors.

Dave Richards, Launch UK managing director, said: “The X-431 PRO complements our entire professional range of diagnostic tools and means that, in addition to the X-431 PAD and GDS, we have a solution for every workshop requirement and budget.”

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