Classic and vintage specialist leaves high praise for Lucas Oil ‘deep clean’ treatment

Emissions test problems resolved without need for remedial work

Classic and vintage specialist leaves high praise for Lucas Oil ‘deep clean’ treatment

Classic and vintage car restorer H Engineering, of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, has left high praise for Lucas Oil additives, which it says it uses to ensure customers “enjoy the smoothest possible ride”.

After the body of an aging vehicle has been restored to its original condition and looks good, owners become more sensitive to engine performance, but rectification doesn’t have to be expensive according to the classic car specialist.

A spokesperson for H Engineering said: “After years of motor racing I’ve learned how to get the best performance out of an engine.

“A lot of engine performance issues and emissions test problems are caused by clogged fuel injectors.

“With the right product and a good test run, it can be a quick fix in many cases.

The majority of cars restored at H Engineering are given the Lucas Oil ‘deep clean treatment’.

The spokesperson added: “The entire fuel system is cleaned including the combustion chamber.

“It purges all the carbon deposits.

“That improves the burn and increases fuel efficiency at the same time.

Lucas Oil say the deep clean product was designed to reduce harmful NOx emissions, a key benefit for H Engineering.

“Once we’ve restored cars, we are often asked to maintain them and put them through the MOT,” the spokesperson added.

“Deep clean is our ‘go to additive’ solution – especially if the engine is likely to be a borderline emission test case.”

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