Speed record attempt on course with Lucas Oil

Current record holder, UK driver Geoff Stilwell, will attempt record for the class in Lucas Oil sponsored Model T Rear Engine Roadster

Speed record attempt on course with Lucas Oil
The Lucas Oil sponsored Model T rear engine roadster.

A land speed record of 258.679 mph set last year on the World Famous Bonneville Salt Flats, USA, will be in danger at this year’s event, which begins next weekend.

Damage was incurred during last year’ssuccessful run so the car has been rebuilt and re-equipped for the new venture.

It features with a supercharged and fuel injected 8 litre V8 nitro methane engine that produces 5000 bhp.

There are more safety features and the car is slightly longer to aid stability when approaching the 300mph target – and beyond.

Current record holder, Geoff Stilwell said: “In theory the car should be able to achieve 350mph with this set up.

“I will be a very happy man if we can run over 300mph and reset the record”.

This year’s event, in Utah, runs from August 10th – 16th.

To find out more about Lucas Oil, click the ‘more details’ link below.

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