Motorists urged to have brakes checked ahead of summer getaway

Breck encourages owners to book a safety check at their local garage before long road trips this summer

Motorists urged to have brakes checked ahead of summer getaway
The braking system is one of the critical mechanical systems in a vehicle.

Breck is calling on drivers to have their brakes checked over as the end of the school year and the season for family road trips fast approaches.

While some car owners may checking their tyre pressure or basic fluids, many drivers forget about other key components affecting road safety, such as brake pads.

Tomasz Orłowski, director at Lumag’s research and development department, responsible for the development of Breck brake pads, said: “The key parameter in the case of brake pads is the thickness of the friction layer, whose minimum thickness is around 3-4mm.

“When the layer becomes too thin, we usually hear a distinctive noise, informing us that a visit to a garage is due.

“If we are about to take a long road trip, such an inspection becomes simply essential.

“When a component is excessively worn, it directly affects braking efficiency.

“If there is a need to quickly brake on a dual carriageway or a motorway, it becomes extremely important and can determine the safety of all travellers.”

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