Demand for MAHLE’s Classic Line “exceeded all expectations”

More 1,700 vehicle types covered in special spare parts range for classic and vintage cars

Demand for MAHLE’s Classic Line “exceeded all expectations”

One year ago, MAHLE launched the Classic Line, a special spare parts segment for vintage and modern classic cars.

The range has grown steadily since then, and now includes engine parts such as cylinder liners, pistons, valves, and bearings as well as starter motors, alternators, thermostats, and filter elements.

Olaf Henning, corporate executive vice president and general manager at MAHLE Aftermarket, said: “With our MAHLE Classic Line, we now cover around 1,700—and counting—vehicle types.

“During the first year, the demand exceeded all our expectations.

“For many of our customers, their vintage car isn’t just a passion—it’s an investment.

“That’s why our MAHLE Classic Line is all about quality, staying faithful to the original, and durability.

“In particularly demanding cases, we also offer the option of single-unit production or small series.”

MAHLE has long-standing competence in this area: for many components, original design drawings, dating back to the 1940s, can still be found in the MAHLE archives.

Based on these specifications, MAHLE Aftermarket is producing such products with the same quality and expertise as for the current original equipment product range.

MAHLE is continually expanding the MAHLE Classic Line—keeping a constant eye on the market. We’re currently seeing a boom in the construction of simpler, everyday historic vehicles.

The trend is toward vintage cars originally produced for the masses, which are restored with the same love and care as premium-class historic cars—using MAHLE Classic Line spare parts, of course.

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