MAHLE 20kW electric motor to provide power for downsized internal combustion engines

New headquarters to enable further technology development and product range expansion

MAHLE 20kW electric motor to provide power for downsized internal combustion engines
MAHLE Powertrain early adopter of Aeristech eSupercharger technology for development of high power density 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder advanced downsizing demonstrator vehicle.

MAHLE Powertrain has helped to launch an innovative new 20kW electric motor at the opening of a new Warwick, UK headquarters for Aeristech, the developer of the world’s most power dense and efficient high-speed electric motors.

The applications for Aeristech’s new 20kW motor include traditional internal combustion and fuel cell passenger and commercial vehicles with stacks of up to and over 100kW, industrial, aerospace and marine.

The company’s existing technology has been utilised by MAHLE for use within the powertrain of its advanced downsizing demonstrator vehicle.

Its Volkswagen Golf features 48V architecture and a 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder gasoline engine producing 193kW.

An Aeristech eSupercharger provides increased airflow alongside a traditional, larger turbocharger.

315Nm torque is produced from only 1500rpm, matching the performance of the original 2-litre turbocharged gasoline engine while offering a 25 per cent reduction in emissions.

The 20kW motor is the latest additional to Aeristech’s range of permanent magnet variable speed electric units, which are able to accelerate to rotational speeds of over 160,000 rpm in under a second.

The technology has been a vital enabler for its range of air compressors, which provide both performance and economy benefits, high power density, low noise and vibrations, and compact and lightweight structure.

The 20kW motor provides maximum mass flow of 150gs-1 and a peak pressure ratio of 3.2 at 130gs-1.

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