MAHLE highlights importance of quality filtration on Clean Air Day

Pollutant concentration inside vehicle can increase to six times of that of the outside air if a cabin air filter fails or is clogged

MAHLE highlights importance of quality filtration on Clean Air Day

MAHLE Aftermarket highlighted to the importance of opting for quality when it comes to filtration at this year’s Clean Air Day, which took place on 16 June.

The firm demonstrated the importance of quality air filters and the essential part they play in removing harmful and allergenic substances and odours from a vehicle, while recommending changing a filter every 15,000km or once a year to maximise protection.

With findings demonstrating that more than 100,000 litres of air is swept into the cabin every hour when a vehicle is in operation, the brand uses S5 broadband technology to filter out pollutants and make a passenger’s experience assafe and pleasant as possible.

MAHLE cabin air filters reliably supply the driver and passengers with clean air to breathe, which safeguards their health, well-being and ability of the driver to concentrate even in the event of smog or high pollen count.

MAHLE’s CareMetix cabin filter, featuring a five-layer cabin filter, is specially designed to do just that by removing harmful contaminants and nasty odours from vehicle cabins.

The filters within the CareMetix range feature an anti-bacterial coating, preventing dangerous micro-organisms from spreading throughout the filter material, enabling passengers to breathe easy.

Passengers also no longer have to face the popular discomfort of airborne pollen as nearly all allergens are filtered out, contributing to passengers’ overall well-being while reducing the risk of watery eyes, irritated skin and uncomfortable headaches.

Garages can offer customers a tangible difference as the innovative range provides five-layer protection against allergens, brake dust, diesel soot, fine particulates and tyre debris that is proven to enter a car from exhaust fumes in preceding traffic.

Not only do the filters provide exceptional protection for passengers, their cutting-edge technology also preserves the sensitive components in the HVAC system from premature wear.

Conventional filters have often struggled to provide a complete solution but CareMetix’s advanced technology helps prevent the invisible danger of mildew and mould spores that linger in the air from entering the cabin.

This ensures the air conditioning system is kept clean and mould build up is prevented, significantly benefiting a passenger’s health.

A wide selection of unwanted roadside smells are waiting to enter a vehicle cabin, from freshly fertilised fields, to large construction sites.

These odours derive from pungent ammonia and sulphur gases, but specific layers within the CareMetix filter remove these uninvited scents leaving the cabin fresh and free from ammonia.

Sitting in traffic can be uncomfortable enough without having to breathe in allergenic substances and bad odours and therefore passengers should be able to rely on their filter to make their journey easier and safer.

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