Rick Charnock Components speeds up invoice processing with AutoGNRi

Parts supplier leverages MAM Software's solution to streamline operations and free up valuable time

Rick Charnock Components speeds up invoice processing with AutoGNRi

Established in 1972, Rick Charnock Components (RCHS) is a parts supplier to the North West’s automotive industry. As their business grew, so did the need for a more efficient invoicing system.

RCHS had been utilising MAM Software’s Autopart for several years, managing various aspects of their operations. However, to optimise their invoice processing and free up staff time, they implemented AutoGNRi, an add-on that integrates with Autopart.

“We needed to be able to keep on track of demand as we get busier, which we have done over the last twelve months. AutoGRNi takes away the time spent inputting our invoices manually,”  Account Manager Mireille Charnock advised.

Unlike Autopart’s broader automotive parts management features, AutoGNRi focuses specifically on invoice automation. It uses advanced algorithms to automatically match invoices with purchase orders and delivery notes, significantly reducing manual work.

“Overall the process of checking the prices is so much more efficient than it used to be. It’s a reliable system to be using in my opinion and it’s been smooth-running for us. When we think of our own future growth, we envision AutoGNRi as a part of that.”

By automating invoice matching, AutoGNRi has halved the time RCHS used to spend on this task. This frees up staff for other crucial activities and allows them to keep up with growing demand.

Mireille concludes, “We’re now interested in getting to learn a bit more in terms of the programme’s potential so that will be our next step.”

To find out more about MAM, Kerridge and AutoGNRi, please click here.

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