Fortec Motorsport’s new technical partnership with Millers Oils

Fortec Motorsport’s new technical partnership with Millers Oils

Specialist oil developer Millers Oils has agreed a technical partnership with Fortec Motorsport to develop advanced lubricants for its Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 race car.

“We met with Fortec at the first round of the British GT championship in 2013 when they had just put the SLS AMG GT3 on pole in its first race,” said Nevil Hall, Millers Oils Joint Managing Director. “Endurance racing is one of the harshest operating conditions for a lubricant to perform in and because GT3 cars use road engines, it makes it the perfect environment to develop our products.”

The lubrication analysis that Millers Oils will conduct will enable Fortec Motorsport to monitor the performance and durability of the vehicle. Having successfully tested the oil on track, Fortec Motorsport conducted back-to-back tests using the vehicle’s original lubricant and Millers Oils’ off-the-shelf Nanodrive engine oil of the same viscosity. The results showed a 1.5% increase in peak power and a noticeable increase in power across the entire rev range.

“Millers Oils has a real passion for motorsport and a hunger to develop its technology,” said Trevor Foster, Fortec Motorsport Team Manager. “GT3 racing is extremely competitive. We ran the SLS AMG GT3 on a dyno at the end of last year and, impressively, the results mirrored what Millers Oils had told us to expect which gave us the platform to put together a deal for 2014.”

Millers Oils formulation uses nanoparticles that produce a significantly lower friction coefficient than conventional lubricants. They have a greater surface area, in proportion to their volume, than bigger particles, allowing the formulation to reduce both friction and wear.

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