Lubricant gives Ferrari 250 GT V12 enhanced protection and 7 per cent power gain

NANODRIVE from Millers Oils helps increase classic car driveline efficiency, unlocking power and prolonging life

Lubricant gives Ferrari 250 GT V12 enhanced protection and 7 per cent power gain

Dynamometer testing of a Ferrari 250 GT V12 engine has demonstrated substantial power gains by simply switching to the latest high performance CFS 10w60 NT+ engine oil from specialist British oil, lubricants and treatments manufacturer, Millers Oils.

In back-to-back comparison testing with a traditional OE-specification oil, the lubricant, which utilises the company’s patented NANODRIVE technology, achieved peak power and torque increases of 7 per cent.

The low friction formulation is designed for demanding applications where power and efficiency must be combined with outstanding engine protection and durability, all suitable for a wide range of classic vehicles.

Classic car power gains

“The power gains achieved with our NANODRIVE oil are a result of unlocking efficiency that is normally lost to friction,” says Martyn Mann, Millers Oils technical director.

“Reduced friction also results in a slowdown of component wear, prolonging the life expectancy of both aging and carefully rebuilt components.

“While power gains from a simple oil change can provide a crucial competitive advantage in a race series with strict engine modification regulations, the enhanced durability provided by nanotechnology is a huge benefit for owners of all classic vehicles.”

Mann also explained that classic engines such as the iconic V12 fitted to the Ferrari 250 GTO feature much larger bearings than modern powertrains, providing a far greater surface area helping to amplify the benefits of friction reduction.

Engine dynamometer testing

The results show an overall increase in peak power of 20 PS, up from 285 to 305, and 20 Nm torque, up from 275 to 295, while also demonstrating consistent gains, from low down in the power band through to the 7400rpm limit.

Results are the average over three consecutive individual tests using an engine dynamometer at Edi Wyss Engineering in Switzerland.

Millers Oils’ award-winning NANODRIVE technology has been developed in-house at the company’s state-of-the-art research and development centre and is designed to reduce friction, and therefore heat, throughout the powertrain.

The lubricant uses microscopic nanoparticles that act like miniature ball bearings between opposing substrates.

“A traditional method of reducing friction is by using a thinner oil – reducing viscosity – but this can compromise durability and accelerate wear rates, especially in difficult conditions,” continues Mann.

Today’s technologies

“NANODRIVE technology enables friction and wear reduction without altering the original manufacturer or engine builder’s oil specification.

“Powertrain engineers from 50 years ago did not benefit from today’s technologies, but we can further enhance their work – and ensure that it continues to progress – by effectively utilising latest-generation lubricant advancement.”

Millers Oils’ was founded in 1887 by John Watson Miller and works with the world’s leading high-performance vehicle manufacturers and develops oils, lubrications and treatments for engines, gearboxes and more.

The company’s oils are proven in multiple automotive industries including applications in professional motorsport such as the BTCC.

Find complete details of Millers Oils’ expanding range of oils for classic vehicles by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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